Where Has This World Gone?

So, I saw this commercial the other day. It was a Volvo commercial, featuring it's newest car, the S80. What is so special about this car? Well, I wouldn't be blogging about just any ol' car commercial. In this particular commercial in a series of commercials for this model, they are highlighting a security feature called PCC (Personal Car Communicator). What the PCC does is multifaceted.

"The Personal Car Communicator (PCC) is your car key's smart connection with your Volvo S80 applying the latest in two-way radio technology. When in range, you'll always know the status of your car. Locked or unlocked. Alarm activated or not. If the alarm has been activated, the heart beat sensor will also tell you if there is someone inside the car. The PCC also includes keyless entry and keyless drive."
Ok, the thing I want to highlight is the fact that this flippin' car has technologies that can sense a heart beat of an intruder; the HEART BEAT OF AN INTRUDER!!! Are you serious? To that I would like to say, "Where has this world gone?"


Brent said...

You can anticipate the "fight" in your intruder by knowing their heartbeat as you approach.

Alli Hibb said...

wow...sooner or later the car will come equipped with a robot to get out and kick the intruders butt. that'll be the best car ever!