Pomegranates??? More like Pomegranthatsdisgusting.

Today, I went to Coffee Bean with my friend Annie Summers to enjoy a delish beverly and chat it up. Unfortunately, only one of those things took place while we were there. I ordered a new Spring07 bev of theirs they call Pomegranate Fru Tea Ice Blended Drink.

Well, it had a non-tasty kind of taste. It didn't taste like much, but what taste was there, wasn't good. Whatever you do, avoid this drink. They have many more options that would be much better. I took the risk of trying something new and it backfired. So, it was a total disappointment. But hey, my consolation prize was having a rad convo with a rad girl.

(Side Note**- If you have ever been to the new food court in Foothill Ranch, you might have noticed a rancid smell hovering in the air around the Cleaners and Childcare establishments. I do NOT know what it is but it ISN'T good!!! Just breathe through it and you'll be fine.)


Alli Hibb said...

That's what happens when you try to venture out...this is why you should always order the same thing.

Annie Summers said...

two things.

1. i told you not to order that.

2. i don't know what i would have done had you not walked me through those breathing exercises outside soul food... i might have died.