I Heart Model Homes
Yesterday, March 19th, I had the opportunity to go with my friend Allison Hibbard to a wonderful new development by Shea Homes called Vantis in the lovely city of Aliso Viejo. We went there based on the recommendation of Ryanne Dearden-Witt. So, as we are driving up into this community, we go around a sweet Euro-style round-about. So fun because you can just drive around in a circle for awhile and not get bored, but we didn't do this because Allison was driving and I don't want to be THAT demanding person.
We were super hesitant to walk into the info office because most of the time, you have to talk to a lame Rep that wants to walk with you and be lame during the whole tour, but Nancy, was very cool and gave us a map and sent us on our way. What a treasure(*Note: as I typed this, I was pronouncing it in my head as Tom Holladay would say it) she was! So, we went over to the first Plan in North Latitudes and went through it. It was sweet. A large, beautiful 3 story, Downtown-style living where it is long, and narrow. So cool...anyways. We went through many, many places, and Allison loved this place that was Golf/Pink themed. It was cute but I didn't like it because of the smell. Weird, I know, but noses don't lie...ask Shakira.
We finally came upon this glorious place in which I LOVED the master bedroom. Please take a gander of the pics below.

As you can see, the room had beautiful dark brown, wooden floors. The house had a beautiful green theme throughout. Loved it.

The room had a kick-ass bathroom with checkered tiled floors, awesome orange walls, a nice large shower, and a cool black and white design on the ceiling.

It had a comfortable retreat area as you walked into the room. As you can see, there was also an opening with cool design that actually opened up into the great room down stairs.

If this room wasn't bitchin' enough, the retreat area had to have some books on a stand in which one of those happened to be, none other than, The Purpose Driven Life book. So glorious!
With all of the love that I felt in this room, you would think that there would be no way that I could love something more...well, you and I were both wrong. After we finished walking through like 11 places, we went over to, what they call, City Drive. Over in that area, there are Business/Residential plans. They are like what you would find in much of Europe and US downtown areas where you have a buisness area downstairs, and you live above it in a residential area. They were UN-BE-LEIV-A-BLE!!! I need to figure out a business I can start so I can move over there. So, this will be your assignment...figure out a business that I should start and let me know.
Thank you for reading about my wonderful day with Vantis development....and Allison.


Alli Hibb said...

Well, I'm not sure what I'm more excited about...the fact that you actually blogged, or the fact that our fun afternoon was the source of an entire blog.

Keep it up, please!

Alli Hibb said...

Oh, also...I laughed out loud at the shakira line...you could say I "lol"ed.

Courtney said...

My dad built those! O.k. well not with his hands but he's the VP for Shea and that was one of his projects. Aren't they BEAUTIFUL....I tried to get a deal there...no luck!

Annie Summers said...

So fun that you got to walk through model homes... that's one of my favorite things to do! We'll do some more BSing about your business on Thursday.

p.s. i'm super excited!

Brent said...

Thank you for your *Note. I always think of Tom when I hear the word treasure or pleasure or measure. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

Brent said...

I can't believe there was a copy of PDL on the table. That's hilarious. Possibly a sign?

Brent said...

I'll have to go check this area out. Let me know if you come up with a sweet business idea. Maybe I can get in on it with you. Then I too could live in an awesome Euro/Downtown US residential area.