1 Hour Lunch Date...

The other night, as I lay in bed thinking like I always do about that time, I had asked myself a very profound question. One that, if written in a book or novel of sorts, would more than likely go down in history as the most profound question ever printed, spoken, thought of, or even not thought of. The question I asked myself was, "Josh, if you could eat lunch with any one person on this planetary establishment we call Earth, who would it be and what would you eat?"

Well, thank you for asking such a profound question Mind-O-Josh...I would have to say none other than the genius and comedic Earth angel, John William Ferrell. You probably know him as Will Ferrell. Born on July 16 1967 and began blessing the world on July 16 1967, in Irvine, CA. Son of Lee Ferrell, Keyboardist and Saxophonist for The Righteous Brothers.

I just think it would be so absolutely amazing of a time. I would just be laughing the whole time, I wouldn't know what to do with myself. I would probably ask him what his favorite thing about me is. I would NOT talk about or try to impersonate any of his characters. I would ask him what his favorite role as a Movie actor is.

I would probably eat something along the lines of a Club Sandwich with a side of fries and a Diet Coke.

Well, if I were to answer the question with more of a serious, spiritual response, I would have to say Billy Graham. He is a deep, bucket of golden nuggets of wisdom that I would love to dive into. I would love to hear his stories and struggles and thoughts about his walk with Christ.

So, now I ask you, if you could have lunch with anyone, for 1 hour, who would it be with and what would you eat?


Terget Circles

Here are some of my observations and thoughts that I have after visiting Target in Foothill Ranch 2 days in a row:

-I like the convenience of a Starbucks where I can get a delish bev or a free triple-filtered water if I so desire.

-Target does a great job at pulling off the Grocery/Clothing/Various Merchandise gig.

-Toasted Coconut Marshmallows look quite disgusting!!! -I would like to take better advantage of name tags when interacting with employees of all services like Grocery stores, Restaurants, etc.

-I still hate when people talk on their cellular telephones while standing in line and while paying for their merchandise.

-Pushing a cart full of Cool Whip (40-16 oz. containers to be exact) is entertaining, but not as much as when I could say, "I really love Cool Whip!" to a confused customer. -I'm sad that Kristen Wiig's character on SNL doesn't actually work at Target, but I am glad that Beatrice from Ghana does. -What I am most please with is that Target provided me with somethin that no other store has EVER provided: a funny greeting card. My friend Annie and I had a contest to see who could find the funniest greeting card. She did it! Not only did she find the funniest greeting card in the contest, but of ALL TIME! So, without further adieu, I would like to present to you "The Funniest Greeting Card of All Time":


Where Has This World Gone?

So, I saw this commercial the other day. It was a Volvo commercial, featuring it's newest car, the S80. What is so special about this car? Well, I wouldn't be blogging about just any ol' car commercial. In this particular commercial in a series of commercials for this model, they are highlighting a security feature called PCC (Personal Car Communicator). What the PCC does is multifaceted.

"The Personal Car Communicator (PCC) is your car key's smart connection with your Volvo S80 applying the latest in two-way radio technology. When in range, you'll always know the status of your car. Locked or unlocked. Alarm activated or not. If the alarm has been activated, the heart beat sensor will also tell you if there is someone inside the car. The PCC also includes keyless entry and keyless drive."
Ok, the thing I want to highlight is the fact that this flippin' car has technologies that can sense a heart beat of an intruder; the HEART BEAT OF AN INTRUDER!!! Are you serious? To that I would like to say, "Where has this world gone?"
"This is why I'm hot...

I'm hot cuz I'm fly. You ain't cuz you not. This is why, this is why, this is why I'm hot." Well, I had this song stuck in my head the whole weekend. I would sing the song, but with different words that would be related to whatever I was doing or what was going on. You should try it after you listen to it and see how fun it is. The song is called 'This is Why I'm Hot' by MIMS. Give it a listen and see what you think. You may think it is a fun song, or that it is the most absurd song ever. Me, I thought it was a fun, but absurd song. Welp, see ya later!


Friend Look-Alikes Part 1.

Meg Ryan looks like my friend Annie Summers ???

Pomegranates??? More like Pomegranthatsdisgusting.

Today, I went to Coffee Bean with my friend Annie Summers to enjoy a delish beverly and chat it up. Unfortunately, only one of those things took place while we were there. I ordered a new Spring07 bev of theirs they call Pomegranate Fru Tea Ice Blended Drink.

Well, it had a non-tasty kind of taste. It didn't taste like much, but what taste was there, wasn't good. Whatever you do, avoid this drink. They have many more options that would be much better. I took the risk of trying something new and it backfired. So, it was a total disappointment. But hey, my consolation prize was having a rad convo with a rad girl.

(Side Note**- If you have ever been to the new food court in Foothill Ranch, you might have noticed a rancid smell hovering in the air around the Cleaners and Childcare establishments. I do NOT know what it is but it ISN'T good!!! Just breathe through it and you'll be fine.)


I Heart Model Homes
Yesterday, March 19th, I had the opportunity to go with my friend Allison Hibbard to a wonderful new development by Shea Homes called Vantis in the lovely city of Aliso Viejo. We went there based on the recommendation of Ryanne Dearden-Witt. So, as we are driving up into this community, we go around a sweet Euro-style round-about. So fun because you can just drive around in a circle for awhile and not get bored, but we didn't do this because Allison was driving and I don't want to be THAT demanding person.
We were super hesitant to walk into the info office because most of the time, you have to talk to a lame Rep that wants to walk with you and be lame during the whole tour, but Nancy, was very cool and gave us a map and sent us on our way. What a treasure(*Note: as I typed this, I was pronouncing it in my head as Tom Holladay would say it) she was! So, we went over to the first Plan in North Latitudes and went through it. It was sweet. A large, beautiful 3 story, Downtown-style living where it is long, and narrow. So cool...anyways. We went through many, many places, and Allison loved this place that was Golf/Pink themed. It was cute but I didn't like it because of the smell. Weird, I know, but noses don't lie...ask Shakira.
We finally came upon this glorious place in which I LOVED the master bedroom. Please take a gander of the pics below.

As you can see, the room had beautiful dark brown, wooden floors. The house had a beautiful green theme throughout. Loved it.

The room had a kick-ass bathroom with checkered tiled floors, awesome orange walls, a nice large shower, and a cool black and white design on the ceiling.

It had a comfortable retreat area as you walked into the room. As you can see, there was also an opening with cool design that actually opened up into the great room down stairs.

If this room wasn't bitchin' enough, the retreat area had to have some books on a stand in which one of those happened to be, none other than, The Purpose Driven Life book. So glorious!
With all of the love that I felt in this room, you would think that there would be no way that I could love something more...well, you and I were both wrong. After we finished walking through like 11 places, we went over to, what they call, City Drive. Over in that area, there are Business/Residential plans. They are like what you would find in much of Europe and US downtown areas where you have a buisness area downstairs, and you live above it in a residential area. They were UN-BE-LEIV-A-BLE!!! I need to figure out a business I can start so I can move over there. So, this will be your assignment...figure out a business that I should start and let me know.
Thank you for reading about my wonderful day with Vantis development....and Allison.


"Back to Life. Back to Reality"
Wow, what wisdom in those 6 words. Well folks, I am back home now...and have been here since Monday, but I finally got back to normal California time today. But now I have to set my clock forward??? Stupid farmers!!! Why do you need 1 more night-time hour? You aren't working...soooo...what's the deal?
It has been an interesting transition back home. I haven't had that "super difficult" time since I have been home like a lot of others say they do. I mean, I miss the heck out of those adorable childen in Africa, but I am not in depression or anything like that. What does that mean? Does that mean I wasn't really touched? Or that I don't care? Or what?
Well, I am looking for a job and not sure what I am going to do. Any suggestions?