Something I was thinking about...(for single people)

If you were single for the rest of your life, would you be content in just the relationship with God?

Yikes!!! Did I just go there??? Well, I understand that this is a pretty difficult question to swallow, much less answer. I haven't honestly answered it yet. I mean, up front I would say, "Ohhh yeah...I got that crap!! Of COURSE I would be...I mean, why wouldn't I..." but then when it settles in a little and I think about it, it is kind of sucky to think about. I don't want to be single for the rest of my life. That just blows!!! We are supposed to have a partner to go through this crazy journey with. Even though Adam had everything he could ever want, it wasn't enough until he had the "suitable partner" (Eve). But I wonder what it looks like to be so intuned with God that He is enough. I would like to think that we could be so intuned with God that we feel like we don't need anything or anyone else, until God's like, "Uh...bro/lady...I am everything and everyone you will ever need, but it isn't my best. My best also includes..." BAM!! God throws His BEST for you in front of your path and you are like, "HOT DAMN!...Uhh...I mean, THANK YOU JESUS!"
I would love to personally be in that place where I was so intuned with God that I feel completely secure in His greatness, His glory, His truth, His promises...and I would love that for you as well.



Rosie said...
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Rosie said...

Honestly I hope I'm not put in the position to find out. Content is an interesting word...I think I could be happy with singleness forever...probably restless knowing there was something missing...content probably not...but there is always joy and laughter and hope. I don't want singleness forever either.

Brent said...

That would suck. I trust God though.
I think he's given me the desire for a spouse, so he'll probably allow me to fulfill that desire.