Movies from the future:

Hey y'all, here are some movies that are coming out months and even years from now that I am so excited about and wanted to share with you so you might get excited too!

-Oct. 5, 2007: The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford (starring Brad Pitt)
-Dec. 14, 2007: I Am Legend (starring Will Smith)
-Feb. 8, 2008:Fool's Gold (sarring Kate Hudson & Matthew McConaughey)
-Feb. 15, 2008: Vantage Point (starring Matthew Fox, Dennis Quaid, & Forest Whitaker)
-Feb. 29, 2008: Semi-Pro (starring Will Ferrell, Woody Harrelson, Andre 3000, & Josh Garrett)
-May 16, 2008: The Chronicles of Narnia 2: Prince Caspian (starring Awesome Full Cast)
-May 21, 2008: Indiana Jones the 4th (starring Harrison Ford, Sean Connery, & Shia LaBeouf)
-June 13, 2008: The Incredible Hulk: The new beginning (starring Edward Norton)
-July 18, 2008: The Dark Knight (Batman 2) (starring Christian Bale & Heath Ledger)
-Dec. 19, 2008: Angels and Demons (starring Tom Hanks)
-May 1, 2009: The Chronicles of Narnia 3: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader


Courtney said...

Vantage point looks crazy, I totally want to see that now.

Allie said...

Those look really good. Great choices!

Cathi said...

So fun! I'm excited to hear about your movie debut!

Keisha Rae said...

Vantage point looks amazing!!! These all look so good!!

JBart said...

Holy Crap dude, I can not wait for these freaking things to come out. I have seriously have found a reason to live for another year.

Brent said...

I haven't watched the trailers yet, but I'm stoked about a few of these already. Good list.